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December 25, 2014

Where to buy real Instagram Followers and Likes ?

Buy Instagram Followers



This is a very competitive market where many websites compete to be able to sell IG followers and likes at the cheapest prices. Buyers are advised to search for trusted quality sellers that deliver real Instagram followers and likes. There are some important aspects that you should take into consideration before purchasing from any website that can affect your social presence and compromise your IG account. Before you buy instagram followers you should create a marketing strategy that would enable you to take the maximum potential from such investment. Instagram is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to capitalize on its young demographics. The majority of users are teenagers and young people that are into the popular culture and habits of the celebrities they follow online. If you know how to market to this kind of public your business success will be ensured.


Why you should only buy Real Instagram Followers and Likes

Instagram is in a hunt for fake accounts, which reduced significantly the number of followers of several celebrities and popular accounts. To prevent this, buy from trusted sources that only provide real IG followers with lots of interaction and quality posts.
After having announced that it has reached the 300 million users per month and launched a system of verification of the accounts of celebrities (a feature useful for media), Instagram conducted a purge on its social network, or more accurately, a hunt to the fake accounts.

Earlier, network sharing of photos and videos had announced it would remove the accounts that do not follow the rules of use of the service and warned that this could have an impact on the number of followers of certain accounts, but not on the number of real people interacting (those who like and comment on that).

Indeed, the idea of Instagram was to delete fake accounts as well as robots that only share spam.

But obviously, these accounts were many, even very many. Thus, there are a very large number of users who are furious after Instagram, following this purge which has significantly reduced their number of followers and thus their e-popularity (or influence).

But among those who most suffered (or not), there are celebrities. Thus, as reported by Business Insider, on behalf of Justin Bieber has plunged by 3.5 million fans in 24 hours while Akon declined from 4.3 million to 1.9 million.

Ma$ e, another rapper, would have even decided to delete his account Instagram after it rose from 1.6 million followers to 100,000 in a record time of 20 minutes.

A certain Zach Allia has even made this small interactive graphics highlighting followers losses by most popular Instagram accounts. Figures are also available in a table on the link. For example, the Instagram de Bruno March account increased from 692 3,756 followers to 811 2,373, a loss of 881 383 followers who accounted for more than 23% of its audience. Many celebrities are already searching for better sources to help them replenish the lost followers and likes. For them Instagram is a very important component of their marketing endeavors